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2019-01-28 Legal Newsletter - 1st quarter of 2019

Feel free to read our Newsletter on some of the legal changes from the first quarter of 2019.


2018-04-12 Legal Newsletter – 1st quarter of 2018

Feel free to read our Newsletter on some of the legal changes from the first quarter of 2018.

2017-10-01 Easier debt recovery and assessment of the counterparty’s financial situation

On 12 September, the Council of Ministers adopted a draft of amendments to the Tax Ordinance,...

2017-05-11 Application for entry into CEIDG together with ZUS requests

Starting from 20 May 2017 it will be possible for natural persons carrying on business activity...

2017-05-09 Preventing market manipulation – Market Abuse Directive (MAD)

On 6 May 2017 the new Act on Amending the Act on Trading in Financial Instruments and certain...

Within the field of social insurance:

  • Notification/deregistration to/from social and health insurance of employees and contractors (ZUS ZUA/ ZUS ZWUA forms);
  • Preparation and transfer to ZUS [Social Insurance Institution] of settlement documents (ZUS DRA, ZUS RCX, ZUS RZA, ZUS RSA forms);
  • Preparation of monthly reports for insured persons: ZUS RMUA;
  • Preparation of payment documents concerning settlements with ZUS (entering transfers to the bank);
  • Preparation and transfer to ZUS of documentation concerning payment of benefits from sickness insurance (ZUS Z-3, ZUS Z-3A, ZUS Np -7 forms) if the employer is not authorized to pay out the below listed benefits on behalf of ZUS:
    • application for payment of sickness allowance,
    • application for payment of maternity allowance,
    • application for payment of rehabilitation benefit;
  • Preparation and transfer to ZUS of information on revenues of retired persons and pensioners being employed;
  • Preparation and transfer to ZUS of annual information for the purpose of establishing the amount of contribution for accident insurance ZUS IWA.

Within the area of labour law, Civil Code and the act on personal income tax:

  • Notifications of the employer to the Labour Inspection Institution and the National Sanitary Inspection and updating the data on the current basis;
  • Support in drawing up work regulations, remunerations regulations, regulations of ZFSS [Social Benefits Fund at the Employer's];
  • Starting and keeping personal files in accordance with the binding provisions;
  • Preparation of employment contracts, annexes, work certificates as well as other documents connected with starting and ending employment relations;
  • Keeping record of medical certificates (of preliminary, periodical, return-to-work health examinations);
  • Keeping record of work safety and hygiene trainings (preliminary and for specified positions, periodical, professional risk assessment on work positions);
  • Keeping record of holidays (establishing the right to holidays based on the possessed documentation concerning previous employment and education);
  • Issuance upon an employee's/contractor's request certificates on remuneration;
  • Correspondence with bailiffs' offices
  • Preparation of agreements under the civil law (commission contract, contract for specific work, contract for specific work with transfer of copyrights) and receipts;
  • Preparation of payrolls and handing them over to the Client by e-mail or in the traditional form (as agreed);
  • Import of transfers of remunerations to the bank directly from the payment program (upon the Client's request); access to the payroll account is required for the specified employees of PNP Tax & Accounts;
  • Calculation of deductions for ZFŚS;
  • Sending the Client by e-mail or entering to the bank (upon the Client's request) transfers concerning payrolls, ZUS and Tax Office;
  • Preparation of annual information on the collected advance payments for income tax PIT-4R, PIT-8AR;
  • Preparation of annual information on revenues (PIT-11, PIT-40);
  • Cooperation within the granted power of attorney with inspection authorities of US [Tax Office], ZUS, PIP [State Labour Inspection], Labour Office.